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Sustainability - Certifications



Manizales has a second name "The World Capital of Water" thanks to its large water resources.

Around the city they offer great climatic diversity, from the eternal snows of the Nevado del Ruiz with their landscapes of desert and hot springs, to the valleys with landscapes of warm weather. A peculiarity of Manizales is that has 8 microclimates within its urban area.

Tips for saving...

  • Water
    • Use a cup for brushing your teeth
    • In the sohwer, close your tap while soaping
    • Use the washing machine at full charge
    • Fix the taps to avoid any leak
    • Take shorter showers
  • Energy
    • Use natural light
    • Don´t let the iron on
    • Don´t leave lit bulbs
    • Turn off the TV when you leave
    • Unplug the charger at full charge 

Our sustainability policy

Mountain Hostels is committed to achieve excellent delivery service and is against the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents;. Compliance with applicable legal requirements and guidelines for the management of safety and health at work for the organization.

Our employees, suppliers, customers and guests seeking improved environmental, cultural and economic partner and managing positive and minimizing the negative impacts generated by the hostel, to accomplish the duties and rigths that the policy demands for each one

Mountain Hostel S.A.S warns to the guest that according to the article 17 of the law 679 of 2001, the sexual exploitation and abuse of under age in the country are penalized penal and administratively under the current laws. We will not support the illegal trade of flora and fauna, we respect and promote the conservation of our biodiversity. We take in the law 17 of 1981 to prevent, punish and reject acts of mistreatment against the life of any animal specie in the country and also the law 1333 from 2009 to avoid actions against the enviroment. We do not support the trade of cultural goods, we respect and promote the conservation of our culture according to the law 63 from 1986 and the law 1185 from 2008 which promotes the protection, sustainability, divulgation and incentive of the patrimonial goods of the nation. Under the law 1482 from 2011, we are against of acts of racism or discrimination that avoid, obstruct or limit the right of the persons beacuse of their race, sex or sexual orientation.